John Long's fish and chip restaurant is 100 years old. 

At the end of 1914, John Long converted part of his grocery shop to sell fish & chips. 100 years and only two owners later, Long's is still a Belfast institution.

When it opened, Long's was in a bustling area of Belfast. Over on the waterside, the Harland and Wolff shipyards, most famous for building the RMS Titanic, were thriving as they built ships for the war effort. Around Long's were the factories of Belfast's other famous trade of the time- linen mills. it was these workers who first went to Long's for good quality, reasonably priced and filling food. 


Belfast, 1914

Belfast, 1914

The second owner was Walter Titrington. He oversaw the move a few yards along the road to the present location back in the 1970s, and installed the formica furniture that is still in use today. Throughout the Troubles, Long's continued to prosper, employing people from all areas of the community, and serving the same. That's not to say the restaurant was untouched: close to both the Europa Hotel (once dubbed the most bombed hotel in the world!) and the Grosvenor Road Police Station, the windows were blown-in a few times, leading Walter to install the mesh covers that are still there today. In 1996 the present owner, John Copeland, took over. He's been dedicated to keeping what makes Long's the best in town: no-fuss, great food. 

Love it! 5 Stars!
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